End of Line Automation

End of Line Automation

Robust, Reliable, Repeatable

Innovative Handling offers customized and standard solutions for your end of line automation needs. Solutions range from simple systems to complex robotic systems. Each system is designed for your Flexible Automation requirements. As the packaging changes the end of line solution does not necessarily have to change!

Our systems include a means to convey your product to a location in your facility where it can be packaged for final shipment to your customers’ facility. The system could include re-orientating your product from horizontal to vertical, robotically palletizing and stacking, wrapping, strapping and labeling for shipment.

For plants looking to turn towards streamlining processes and upgrading efficiency, end of line automation is typically a place to start. So many times, prospective customers are hesitant to reach out due to the "Sticker Shock" fear. Inquiring a robotic system no longer needs to break the bank! As we urge you to streamline your processes, we've done the same to offer low-cost palletizing solutions.

If you're interested in learning more about our End of Line Automation systems, please reach out to us from our Contact Us page.  

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