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Innovative Handling has been engineering and manufacturing Robust, Reliable and Repeatable Systems for the material handling industry. Our on-site mechanical and controls engineering teams and our machine building teams allow us to present the best of both worlds with designing and manufacturing our custom systems. We take pride in Building Engineered, Automation Solutions for your packaging needs. We specialize in roll handling, centralized packaging, end of line automation and load unload systems.

At Innovative Handling, our group of in-house electrical wiring technicians, installation and startup teams are ready to travel to your work site to install and maintain your system. For your next project or expansion, please consult one of our qualified Account Managers to help determine and solve your unique requests. Whether you’re looking for Roll Handling Equipment, Roll Handling Systems, Packaging Systems, Robotic Integration, Automation Systems, Conveyors or Custom Engineered Equipment, Innovative Handling has the resources and expertise to design and manufacture to your needs.

Automation Solutions

End of Line Automation

End of Line Automation

Innovative offers custom and standard solutions for your end of line packaging needs. Solutions range from simple systems to complex robotic systems.

Load System

Load Unload Systems

Most of our unload systems fit into our theme “from winder to warehouse”. Custom solutions are available from low speed to high speed results.


Centralized Packaging System

Centralized Packaging

Integrated solutions encompass a variety of lines meeting at a centralized location. Multiple packaging machines and robotic systems create an efficient means of processing your demanding flexible packaging requirements.


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